Bow, Black Powder, Shotgun
Trophies or Doe Only

At Fly-By Island we have carefully managed the food plots and crop selections for many years. Due to our carefull attention to detail and management practices we are able to offer you the ultimate huninting experience with legitimate shots at trophy whitetail deer.

We have taken the time to carefully construct and place our stands in areas well traveled by whitetail deer. This means that you the hunter can be gauranteed easy access to prime locations in and around soybean and corn fields not to mention overlooking food plots such as clover. We do, however, recommend that you bring your own stand for the best chances at a trophy whitetail. This will allow us to place you on active trails being used by dominant bucks and give you a better shot at filling your tag at the time you visit.

Our definition of a trophy is:
"If you want to put it on the wall, shoot it; otherwise let it walk"

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